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About Us


ISO Quality Management and Auditing, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service to help them succeed in the marketplace.

To increase the quality of our customers’ processes and products, while allowing them to perform their
tasks in a healthy and safe environment.

To help fulfill this mission, we have established a set of core values:

Customer Focus
Customers and their needs, are the focus of all activities. To develop customer long-term relationships is of prime importance.

Quality & Integrity
In order to build customer trust and loyalty, services will be provided in an ethical and legal manner, while remaining committed to Quality, Health and Safety.

Execution & Continuous Improvement
We live a culture of continually identifying opportunities for improvement. This is achieved by helping clients use the registration process to make real and lasting improvements in their business, while under the understanding that, obtaining a registration certificate isn't the end of a management systems journey, but merely a milepost in the continuing pursuit of business excellence.

Elimination of Surprises
Our experience in the industry allows us to recognize trends and understand concerns. Involvement with Quality and Health and Safety standards enables us to keep clients informed of changes or updates to the standards.


Quality consulting, auditing & inspection
Health and Safety consulting, auditing & inspection
Welding inspection and reporting

Our focus is not only evaluating business processes against rigorous ISO, OHSAS, or industry standards. By clearly understanding how compliance with such standards can improve the efficiency, economy and profitability of clients' operations, and, by paying close attention to the impact that a company's registration has on improving quality and customer satisfaction, we can reduce defects or incidents that could impact the health and/or safety of employees.




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